1-1 Introduction


In this section I introduce myself and my approach to teaching, and outline what you can expect from this course.

Over and above all the great needle-felty things I'm going to share with you, I think you'll find this online learning interface to be easy to navigate:

  • from your home screen you can proceed through the sections, which build upon each other
  • you can pause, rewind, re-watch, and revisit any section at any time
  • you can stream the videos directly or download them
  • you can turn on Closed Captioning in the lower right corner of each video for subtitles
  • if you have technical or administrative questions, check out the FAQ and Help tab on the upper right of the course homepage
  • if you have questions or comments you think other students will find interesting as well, you can add them in the 'comments' area in whatever section fits best, and I'll answer them.
  • I'm planning some occasional live Zoom Q & A sessions, so you can also ask me things then. More information on that to come.

I STRONGLY suggest proceeding through the sections in order, since they build on one another in a logical fashion and anticipate questions you may have.

Thanks for joining me, and enjoy!

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