1-2 Tools


The felting needle is the tool that makes this whole art form possible, and it's the best place to begin.

Topics covered: In Part 1, below, I introduce the concepts behind how and why the felting needle works, and the importance of deciding on the quantity and arrangement of needles in a multi-needle tool.

Below you'll also find the two downloadable, printable illustrations mentioned in Part 1: 'Circle of Tangling' and 'Size vs Quantity Spacing.'

** Update: I've also created a template for holes on a DIY wooden felting tool, per a student inquiry. You'll find that below as well.

Scroll down for the three documents, and Part 2 of the video.

Printable Circle of Tangling.pdf
Printable Needle Size vs Quantity Spacing.pdf

Topics covered: In Part 2, below, I introduce you to my favorite multi-needle holders as well as work surfaces and cutting tools. If you're totally new to needle felting and don't own any tools yet, this section will help you choose what to get. If you've already got some favorite tools this section will help you use them well.

Your assignment: Get yourself some form of handle for your felting needle(s). Holding a single needle in your hand is really rough on your body, as you'll learn in the next section.

DIY Wooden Felting Tool Hole Template.pdf
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