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What is ‘Sculptural Needle Felting: The Comprehensive Guide’?

This is a video-based workshop teaching beginner and intermediate students how to improve their needle felting skills. Through over 50 videos arranged in sequential order I take students from the basics of choosing tools and materials through building sculptural forms, joining parts together to make more complex sculptures, adding details, using structural support, creating smooth surface finishes and adding color and mixed media to their sculptures. The workshop covers the equivalent of a week-long in-person workshop, but it can be completed at the student’s own pace, in the student’s own workspace. Past students tell me that my way of teaching and the insights I share transform their needle felting.

Will I be making a particular project in this class? 

This is a workshop that teaches you HOW to needle felt and WHY it works the way it does-- so you can make your own original work, or put your own spin on ‘kit’ projects or ‘follow-along’ projects. Rather than walk you through every step of a particular project, this workshop invites you to play and experiment and try things out. For those who learn best with a tangible object to aim for, the workshop also includes a ‘special project’ section that gives you a front-row seat as I create several sculptures from start to finish that exemplify the concepts I teach.

Is this an interactive, ‘Zoom-like’ class, where I need to show up at a certain time?

No, this is a pre-recorded video-based class that you can pause, rewind, and re-play as you need, on your own time schedule regardless of your time zone.

Will I get one-on-one time with the instructor to get feedback on my projects?

No, this class does not include live feedback, however one-on-one video coaching can be arranged for a separate fee-- contact stephanie(at)

Are the video lessons closed-captioned?

Yes, the videos are closed-captioned in English. Some translated captions are also available- contact Stephanie directly at stephanie(at)

Are tools and materials provided with this class?

No, I provide guidance on what to get, but you're responsible for getting your own tools and materials. In the first few sections I'll guide you through the tools and materials you'll need. If you don't already have them, the basics are:

  • Felting needles, qty 5 (I prefer 38 gauge Triangle needles)
  • Wool, 8 - 16 oz (I prefer Corriedale prepared as roving or batting)
  • A work surface: a foam pad or brush felting mat
  • A multi-needle holder (many are available and will be compared in class; get a free preview of that section on YouTube here:
  • Your approximate cost for these tools and materials will be about $60-$120 depending on your sources.
  • I've just created a web page with links to buy my favorite tools and materials through an affiliate retailer I like, The Woolery. That means if you click through and make a purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you I’ll earn a small commission. I only feature the tools I personally use, and you can also find these through other sources. 
  • NEW- I'm stocking a limited quantity of felting kits that include white and colored roving, a foam mat, and felting needles (everything except a multi-holder tool). Here's the info on felting kits.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts when you enroll and ‘finishes’ at your pace. There are over 24 hours of video to view, and the amount of time you spend doing hands-on play and experimentation is up to you. As in most endeavors, the more you practice, the better your results will be.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You may download the class videos and pdfs and keep them on your computer.

Can I share the course material?

No; an incredible amount of time, expense, work, and care went into creating all the material for this course, and sharing any of its copyrighted course content online or elsewhere is prohibited. The course material is intended only for those individuals who have enrolled and paid for the course. Thanks for understanding that my expertise and teaching skills are valuable-- and worth paying me for.

Can I share my work from the class on social media?

I'd love for you to share the sculptural needle felting that you’ve done during the course or as a result of what you’ve learned. I do ask though that you give credit to the learning source by tagging me @stephanie_metz_sculpture.

Can the sculpture I create during this course be sold or exhibited?

Competitions generally prohibit submitting artworks completed as part of a workshop or class, however this workshop is more open-ended than many-- you’ll have to use your judgment when it comes to exhibition requirements. You are of course welcome to sell the original work you create. The examples and ‘special projects’ featured in the workshop are for learning purposes and represent my own designs and intellectual property-- but you can take what you learn from the class and make it unique and all your own.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you'll see a payment plan option if you scroll down the main class page.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase a gift certificate for this class here.

Do you sell these classes as group bundles?

Contact me and we can work something out.

Can I get credit for taking this course?

That depends on the requirements for your learning institution. I may be able to provide documentation; please contact me for more details.

Do you have a refund policy on your courses?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

Why do I have to pay tax or VAT on this course?

Teachable, the teaching platform I use, calculates (and keeps up-to-date) on the tax/VAT requirements for various states and countries. Unlike live courses, when a course is pre-recorded and downloadable it's considered a product rather than a service, so tax is applied.

I'm enrolled - how do I find my course?

I recommend you bookmark the school site:

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If you've forgotten your password, there's an option to reset it just below log in button. (You'll then receive an email to reset your password.)

Once you're logged in, click 'My Courses' on the top navigation to view all courses you're enrolled in.

I can't log in! It says my email address is already in use. What's happening?

When you visit the site, you have two options, "Sign Up" or "Login." Sign up is only for new accounts. Look for the "login" option to access your existing account.

I've forgotten my password!

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I'm having trouble viewing the videos. What should I do?

There are three things that normally are the culprit. Try these first:

Try a different internet browser. Internet Explorer is often unstable with course videos. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Enable cookies on your computer or device.

Clear your browser cache or history.

Be aware that the videos were recorded in HD and will require a longer loading time due to the higher quality of the video.

If you are still having trouble, please email me at stephanie(at) and I will do my best to help you resolve the issue.

I have more questions about being a student and using this teaching platform-- where can I find out more?

Get answers to your questions about the teaching platform I use, Teachable, here:

How do I contact you?

If you need help with something not included here, please email stephanie(at) with a description of the problem and I will work on resolving the issue as quickly as possible during the business week.

Common Needle Felting Questions this Workshop Will Answer

This needle felting workshop answers all your questions about sculptural needle felting, from tools and their use to creating complex forms and smooth finishes. Throughout the course I’ll demystify this unique process and answer your questions through words and detailed video. Beginning, experienced, and advanced needle felters will find they learn valuable new skills in this needle felting masterclass.

General Questions:

What exactly is needle felting?

How does needle felting work?

What do I need to get started needle felting?

How does needle felting compare to wet felting?

How difficult is needle felting?

How long does needle felting take?

Can beginners learn needle felting?

Do I need previous experience with art or fiber to needle felt?

Tool Questions:

What wool do I use and where do I find it?

What size felting needle should I use?

Why does felting needle size matter?

What does gauge mean in needle felting?

What are the different shapes of felting needles?

Should I use a triangle, star, or spiral felting needle?

Why are my felting needles breaking? 

Do I need a multi-needle holder?

What kind of needle holders work well?

When should I use multiple felting needles?

How many felting needles should I use?

How close together should felting needles be?

Why does it seem like my felting needles aren't working?

What work surface is best in needle felting?

Should I use a foam pad or brush mat in needle felting?

Technique Questions:

Can you over felt needle felting?

Why is my wool not felting? 

I made a mistake, how can I change my sculpture?

How do you get smooth and firm sculptures?

How firm should needle felting be?

How can I needle felt faster?

How can I needle felt better?

Do I need a wire armature?

How do I add a wire armature?

How can I needle felt more efficiently?

How can I needle felt more effectively?

Finishing Questions:

How do you get a smooth surface when needle felting?

How do you add color to felt sculpture?

Can I add other media to felt sculpture?

How can I make my felt sculpture less fuzzy?

How do I know when I’m done?